GDPR Personal Data Processing Agreement


We are very happy and highly appreciate the fact that you are about to become one of our satisfied customers. However, the process of purchasing goods online is far more complex than it might look at first glance, especially as far as security of data is considered. Security of data and especially security of our Customers’ personal data is thus a high-priority of ours and we take it very seriously.

That is why We BF SOLES – Marcela Harthová, based in: Náměstí Svobody 12/12, 671 72 Miroslav, Czech Republic, CRN: 72524162, E-mail:, tel.: +420 733 204 433 (hereafter referred as “the Company”, or “We”), as the E-shop administrator of
(hereafter referred as “the E-shop”), do everything to the best of our abilities to ensure that your personal data entrusted to us are both safe and processed in accordance with all the applicable regulations and laws. An integral part of any such process is also transparency and awareness about one’s rights, for the sake of which We wish to inform you about how are your personal data processed and about your consequential rights.


Your personal data are going to be processed for purposes of realization of a Purchase contract, therefore for the following purposes:

  • to ensure order completion;
  • to ensure delivery of goods;
  • to ensure the fulfilment of all the consequential rights resulting from defective performance or related to reimbursement in case of damage;
  • to ensure our Company’s fulfilment of legal obligations, especially in terms of bookkeeping;

The legal basis for personal data processing are terms of contract, entered by our Company and You and all the applicable legal obligations, especially those resulting from the Civil Code of the Czech Republic. Unless otherwise stated, your E-mail address only is used for the purposes of direct marketing. In this instance, the legal basis is our Company’s legitimate interest in this type of processing. You can read about how to easily unsubscribe from this type of direct marketing below. Legitimate interest may be considered a legitimate reason in instances in which We are going to make claims against You.


For purposes of order completion, its delivery and other fulfilment of all the consequential rights, We are going to process Your: name and surname, phone number and E-mail, address and mailing address, content of Your order and information related to Your order and to its completion; in case of business purchase, We are also going to process name of the company, Company Registration Number (CRN) and Value Added Tax Identification Number (VATIN). We may also process information about damage and faulty performance in claim-related cases.


Our E-shop uses cookies as you probably noticed when you entered it. These cookies, when combined with other information, may be under specific circumstances considered a personal information on their own merit. It is not in our interest however, to allow those circumstances to emerge. Even though we are positive that cookies do not become personal data in our handling of them, we do wish to mention them here in our pursuit of full transparency and transparent behaviour.

Cookies are small pieces of data sent from a website and stored on the user’s device (PC, cell phone etc.). Cookies allow us to run our E-shop properly and ensure its comfortable use. Specific cookies also help us offer more relevant products to our customers or provide us with statistical data about E-shop’s traffic.

Our website uses advanced cookie bar where you can learn about specific types of cookies used and comfortably adjust which cookies you wish to use and which you do not. You can also adjust your cookies settings and delete them in your browser.


We can be obliged to provide your personal data to the state authorities in accordance with applicable law (e.g. the Police of the Czech Republic).

We do not forward to, nor do we share your personal data with any third country or international institution that do not provide requisite private data protection.


We receive your personal data only from You. The act of provision of your personal data is completely voluntary for the act of contract conclusion is also completely voluntary. In case that you would deny providing us with leastwise the obligatory minimum of your personal data, we would be unable to sell You any products or realize any contract with You. In relation to the cookies, do not forget about our sophisticated cookie bar which allows you to set your cookie settings accordingly to your personal requirements. The use of cookies that are not mandatory for the functioning of the E-shop is also completely voluntary. Personal data are going to be processed (stored) only for periods of time necessary. Personal data, processing of which is required by the law, are thus going to be processed for the periods of time required by the law. Personal data in relation to the terms of contract and in relation to additional rights and obligations are going to be processed only for periods of time necessary for any eventual judicial disputes in which they are still going to be enforceable, which is as a rule usually three years, counted from the date of the placement of an order or settlement of last claims associated with said order. The act of procession of personal data does not result in automated decision making. The act of use of cookies and other modern, similar, abovementioned means of optimization of your experience at our E-shop may result in creation of a profile based on your use of our website, which serves mainly for creation of a product offer that may be more interesting and relevant for You. However, there are no legal consequences, nor any binding decisions are made based on this profile. Considering that this information, which we receive from your use of our website, is based on cookies, you can influence its scale of processing, either by adjustment of settings in our sophisticated cookie bar, or simply in your internet browser settings. After the time limits required for your personal data processing are met, your personal data are going to be deleted without any unnecessary delay.