Crocheted shoes

It includes:

  • Ordering soles of your choice
  • Ordering yarn – more information below in Yarn consumption (we only stock the Boston Original yarn)
  • When you have everything you need, the first step is to crochet the sole along its edge, then crochet the instep and finally the heel. If you want ankle boots, you can crochet the last part according to your imagination and the desired length. Everything is crocheted directly on to the sole.
  • Before you begin, please read the entire webpage and watch the video tutorials.

Video tutorials: here

Useful information:

  • Do not forget that the heel holds better when you shape it. We recommend sewing in the heel reinforcement
  • Depending on the crochet needle and yarn, you also need to tighten it. Based on our experience it is not necessary to tighten the Boston Original, the Katia Singapore and the Alize Diva yarns
  • If you are crocheting for the first time, try on the shoe frequently while you work on it, as it can be ripped out and restarted at any time
  • It is better to crochet both shoes at the same time, as you minimize any differences

Yarn consumption

The consumption of yarn is not always the same; it depends on the thickness of the crochet needle, the type of yarn and the style of shoes you want to create.

For Summer and Spring shoes, we recommend using the Alize Diva yarn. You can use the single crochet or use double strand yarn. Use crochet hook no. 2.

  • Single thread: for a pair of shoes you need only 1 spool of thread, divided into two halves.
  • Double skein of threaduse 2 spools. Divide each spool into 2 smaller ones, so you should have 4 spools in total. If you are unsure how to divide this, buy 4 spools.

Autumn shoes – we use the Boston Original yarn. For ankle boots you need 5 yarn balls per pair of shoes. If you want even higher boots, we recommend 6 balls. If you want multi-coloured shoes, as is our Petra style in the photo gallery, for one pair of shoes you will need 2 balls for the lower part, 1 ball for the middle section and 1 ball for the upper part. Use crochet hook no. 2.

You can use a yarn of your choice. This topic is also often discussed in our Facebook group.

How to choose the size – the size also depends on the method of crocheting along the edge of the sole and on the yarn type.

For example, for shoe size 38-39, if you want to crochet Summer or Spring shoes using the Alize Diva yarn with the single or double thread, and crochet the outer edge (explained in the video tutorial), experience has shown it is better to choose the smaller size 38. The yarn does not take up any space in the sole.

When crocheting shoes for Spring or Fall with Boston Original yarn and crocheting the inner edge (see crochet video), we chose size 39. The Boston Original yarn is thicker so it takes up more space when crocheting the inner edge.


All our soles with holes are suitable for outdoor use.

If you can do a single and a double crochet stitch you will have no problem. It is important to crochet the edge of the sole first, then hook the instep of the shoe and then the heel. Make sure the instep and heel have the same crochet style. If you want ankle boots, continue crocheting all around according to the pattern you’ve chosen. Be sure to watch the crochet video.

The insole is crocheted. You can make holes with a hole punch tool. As you crochet the insole, make one extra line and then glue the insole (preferably with shoe glue) to the sole.

The shoes are comfortable to walk in and do not slip. It is best to reinforce the heel by manually sewing in a heel reinforcement.

The shoes are very easy to maintain. Remove the insole and put the shoes in the washing machine. Set the temperature according to the type of yarn purchased; we recommend 30 degrees. Don’t use a dryer.

You can, but it will not last. The yarn will soon rupture in the stressed spots and it is not worth the effort.